Guthrie [COMM101] Guthrie [COMM101]
 Antioch Presbyterian [CH001] Antioch Presbyterian [CH001]
 Augusta Presbyterian [CH002] Augusta Presbyterian [CH002]
 ? Baptist Church [CH003] ? Baptist Church [CH003]
 Barkersville Christian [CH004] Barkersville Christian [CH004]
 Bethel Methodist [CH005] Bethel Methodist [CH005]
 Old Cedar Baptist Old Cedar Baptist
 Central Christian [CH007] Central Christian [CH007]
 Church of God Holiness [CH008] Church of God Holiness [CH008]
 Concord Presbyterian [CH009] Concord Presbyterian [CH009]
 Crows Fork AME [CH010] Crows Fork AME [CH010]
 Dry Fork Baptist [CS011] Dry Fork Baptist [CS011]
 Ebenezer Baptist [CH012] Ebenezer Baptist [CH012]
 Harmony Baptist [CH013] Harmony Baptist [CH013]
 Hickory Grove [CH014] Hickory Grove [CH014]
 High Point [CH015] High Point [CH015]
 Hopewell Baptist [CH016] Hopewell Baptist [CH016]
 Johnsons Chapel AME [CH017] Johnsons Chapel AME [CH017]
 Liberty Baptist [CH018] Liberty Baptist [CH018]
 Liberty Methodist [CH019] Liberty Methodist [CH019]
 Monacle Chapel AME [CH020] Monacle Chapel AME [CH020]
 Middle River Baptist [CH021] Middle River Baptist [CH021]
 Millers Creek [CH022] Millers Creek [CH022]
 Mt. Carmel Methodist [CH023] Mt. Carmel Methodist [CH023]
 Mt. Vernon Baptist [CH024] Mt. Vernon Baptist [CH024]
 New Haven [CH025] New Haven [CH025]
 New Hope [CH026] New Hope [CH026]
 New Richland [CH027] New Richland [CH027]
 Oak Chapel Baptist [CH028] Oak Chapel Baptist [CH028]
 Oak Chapel [CH029] Oak Chapel [CH029]
 Oak Grove [CH030] Oak Grove [CH030]
 Oakley AME [CH031] Oakley AME [CH031]
 Old Auxvasse Presbyterian [CH032] Old Auxvasse Presbyterian [CH032]
 Paris Fork [CH033] Paris Fork [CH033]
 Pleasant Grove [CH034] Pleasant Grove [CH034]
 Pleasant Hill [CH035] Pleasant Hill [CH035]
 Pleasant Ridge Baptist [CH036] Pleasant Ridge Baptist [CH036]
 Prairie Chapel [CH037] Prairie Chapel [CH037]
 Reform Church [CH038] Reform Church [CH038]
 Richland [CH039] Richland [CH039]
 Richland Church [CH040] Richland Church [CH040]
 Rising Sun [CH041] Rising Sun [CH041]
 Riverview Church of God [CH042] Riverview Church of God [CH042]
 St. Patricks Catholic [CH043] St. Patricks Catholic [CH043]
 St. Pauls AME [CH044] St. Pauls AME [CH044]
 Simpsons Chapel [CH045] Simpsons Chapel [CH045]
 Westminster Presbyterian [CH046] Westminster Presbyterian [CH046]
 Whetstone [CH047] Whetstone [CH047]
 White Cloud [CH048] White Cloud [CH048]
 Richland [CH049] Richland [CH049]
 Millersburg Baptist [CH050] Millersburg Baptist [CH050]
 Mt. Zion Mt. Zion
 Mokane Christian [CH052] Mokane Christian [CH052]
 Rocky Branch Methodist [CH053] Rocky Branch Methodist [CH053]
 Riverview Methodist [CH054] Riverview Methodist [CH054]
 Tebbetts Methodist [CH055] Tebbetts Methodist [CH055]
 Unity Baptist [CH056] Unity Baptist [CH056]
 Shiloh Methodist [CH057] Shiloh Methodist [CH057]
 Old Cedar City Christian [CH058] Old Cedar City Christian [CH058]
 Cedar City Baptist [CH059] Cedar City Baptist [CH059]
 Shiloh Methodist [CH060] Shiloh Methodist [CH060]
 New Bloomfield Christian [CH061] New Bloomfield Christian [CH061]
 Providence Baptist [CH062] Providence Baptist [CH062]
 New Bloomfifeld Methodist [CH063] New Bloomfifeld Methodist [CH063]
 St. Alban's Episcopal [CH064] St. Alban's Episcopal [CH064]
 First Presbyterian [CH065] First Presbyterian [CH065]
 Court St. Methodist [CH066] Court St. Methodist [CH066]
 First Baptist [CH067] First Baptist [CH067]
 First Christian [CH068] First Christian [CH068]
 United Church of Christ [CH069] United Church of Christ [CH069]
 Carrington Baptist [CH070] Carrington Baptist [CH070]
 Boydsville Christian [CH071] Boydsville Christian [CH071]
 Millersburg Christian [CH072] Millersburg Christian [CH072]
 Old Grand Prairie Baptist [CH073] Old Grand Prairie Baptist [CH073]
 Grand Prairie Baptist [CH074} Grand Prairie Baptist [CH074}
 Ebenezer Presbyterian [CH075] Ebenezer Presbyterian [CH075]
 New Bloomfield Presbyterian [CH076] New Bloomfield Presbyterian [CH076]
 Auxvasse Methodist [CH077] Auxvasse Methodist [CH077]
 Cedar Grove Baptist [CH078] Cedar Grove Baptist [CH078]
 Mt. Tabor Christian [CH079] Mt. Tabor Christian [CH079]
 Old Mt. Tabor Christian [CH080] Old Mt. Tabor Christian [CH080]
 Wainwright Methodist [CH081] Wainwright Methodist [CH081]
 Cave AME [CH082] Cave AME [CH082]
 Otterbein United Brethern {CH083] Otterbein United Brethern {CH083]
 Old Bethel Methodist [CH084] Old Bethel Methodist [CH084]
 New Providence Old Cumberland Presbyterian [CH085] New Providence Old Cumberland Presbyterian [CH085]
 High Hill Baptist [CH086] High Hill Baptist [CH086]
 Calwood Methodist [CH087] Calwood Methodist [CH087]
 Tebbetts Baptist [CH088] Tebbetts Baptist [CH088]
 Barkersville Methodist [CH089] Barkersville Methodist [CH089]
 Hams Prairie [CH090] Hams Prairie [CH090]
 Mt. Pleasant Methodist [CH091] Mt. Pleasant Methodist [CH091]
 Union Hill Baptist [CH092] Union Hill Baptist [CH092]
 Oak Level [CH093] Oak Level [CH093]
 Old Salem Missionary Baptist [CH094] Old Salem Missionary Baptist [CH094]
 Old Shiloh Methodist [CH096] Old Shiloh Methodist [CH096]
 Guthrie Presbyterian [CH097] Guthrie Presbyterian [CH097]
 German Evangelical Reform [CH098] German Evangelical Reform [CH098]
 Old Bethel AME* [CH099] Old Bethel AME* [CH099]
 Old Prospect Baptist [CH100] Old Prospect Baptist [CH100]
 Mount Zion [CH101] Mount Zion [CH101]
 Sulphur Springs Christian [CH102] Sulphur Springs Christian [CH102]
 Mount Olivet [CH103] Mount Olivet [CH103]
 Liberty Baptist [CH104] Liberty Baptist [CH104]
 Dixie Christian [CH105] Dixie Christian [CH105]
 Nine Mile Presbyterian [CH106] Nine Mile Presbyterian [CH106]
 Prospect Methodist [CH107] Prospect Methodist [CH107]

Historic Churches
of Callaway County

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