Fair Oak [CS001] Fair Oak [CS001]
 Fairview [CS002] Fairview [CS002]
 Hazel Dell [CS003] Hazel Dell [CS003]
 Hickory Grove [CS005] Hickory Grove [CS005]
 Boles [CS006] Boles [CS006]
 Swon [CS007] Swon [CS007]
 Boyd [CS008] Boyd [CS008]
 Concord [CS009] Concord [CS009]
 Fry [CS010] Fry [CS010]
 Walnut Grove [CS011] Walnut Grove [CS011]
 Wade [CS012] Wade [CS012]
 Moore [CS013] Moore [CS013]
 Stephens [CS014] Stephens [CS014]
 Hereford-Black-Prairie View [CS015] Hereford-Black-Prairie View [CS015]
 Flint [CS016] Flint [CS016]
 Atkinson [CS017] Atkinson [CS017]
 Atkinson (col.) School  [HS025] Atkinson (col.) School [HS025]
 Lime Kiln [CS018] Lime Kiln [CS018]
 Auxvasse [CS019] Auxvasse [CS019]
 Harrison [CS020] Harrison [CS020]
 Bachelor (historical) [CS021] Bachelor [CS021]
 Elm Spring [CS022] Elm Spring [CS022]
 Shamrock [CS023] Shamrock [CS023]
 Union [CS024] Union [CS024]
 High Point [CS025] High Point [CS025]
 Harrison-Yates [CS026] Harrison-Yates [CS026]
 Scott [CS027] Scott [CS027]
 Calwood [CS028]
Calwood [CS028]
 Maddox [CS029] Maddox [CS029]
 Martien [CS030] Martien [CS030]
 Vivion [CS031] Vivion [CS031]
 McClellan [CS032] McClellan [CS032]
 Wallace [CS033] Wallace [CS033]
 Truitt [CS034] Truitt [CS034]
 Millersburg [CS035] Millersburg [CS035]
 Red Brush [CS036] Red Brush [CS036]
 Sunrise [CS037] Sunrise [CS037]
 Miller [CS038] Miller [CS038]
 New Richland (col.) [HS004] New Richland (col.) [HS004]
 Dorsey [CS039] Dorsey [CS039]
 Craig [CS040] Craig [CS040]
 Hardin [CS041] Hardin [CS041]
 Sheets [CS042] Sheets [CS042]
 Grant School (col.)  [HS023] Grant School (col.) [HS023]
 Grant School  [CS043] Grant School [HS023]
 Williamsburg [CS044] Williamsburg [CS044]
 Weeks [CS045] Weeks [CS045]
 Viers [CS046] Viers [CS046]
 Gregory [CS047] Gregory [CS047]
 Brooks [CS048] Brooks [CS048]
 Pugh [CS049] Pugh [CS049]
 Lamar [CS050] Lamar [CS050]
 Boulware [CS051] Boulware [CS051]
 Central [CS052] Central [CS052]
 Baker [CS053] Baker [CS053]
 Duncan [CS054] Duncan [CS054]
 Boydsville [CS055] Boydsville [CS055]
 Carrington [CS056] Carrington [CS056]
 Middle River [CS057] Middle River [CS057]
 Fulton Center [CS058] Center [CS058]
 Brown [CS059] Brown [CS059]
 Garden Prairie [CS060] Garden Prairie [CS060]
 Red Star [CS061] Red Star [CS061]
 Toledo [CS062] Toledo [CS062]
 Science Hill [CS063] Science Hill [CS063]
 Readsville [CS064] Readsville [CS064]
 Gill [CS065] Gill [CS065]
 Bush [CS066] Bush [CS066]
 Bush (Historical) [CS066] Bush (Historical) [CS066]
 Cedar Hill - McCall [CS067] Cedar Hill - McCall [CS067]
 Reform [CS068] Reform [CS068]
 Ashland [CS069] Ashland [CS069]
 Hams Prairie [CS070] Hams Prairie [CS070]
 Muir [CS071] Muir [CS071]
 Oak Grove [CS072] Oak Grove [CS072]
 Fillmore [CS073]
Fillmore [CS073]
 Shady Grove [CS074]
Shady Grove [CS074]
 Guthrie [CS075] Guthrie [CS075]
 Duley School  [CS076] Duley School [CS076]
 Dry Fork [CS077] Dry Fork [CS077]
 Morning View [CS078] Morning View [CS078]
 West Sheely [CS079] West Sheely [CS079]
 Sheley [CS080] Sheley [CS080]
 New Bloomfield [CS081] New Bloomfield [CS081]
 Elm Grove [CS082] Elm Grove [CS082]
 Victor [CS083] Victor [CS083]
 Herring [CS084] Herring [CS084]
 Holman [CS085] Holman [CS085]
 Cottonrock [CS086] Cottonrock [CS086]
 Blackburn [CS087] Blackburn [CS087]
 Lawrence-McClellan [CS088] Lawrence-McClellan [CS088]
 Gibson-Boone [CS089] Gibson-Boone [CS089]
 Portland [CS090] Portland [CS090]
 Tavern Hill [CS091] Tavern Hill [CS091]
 Big Survey [CS092] Big Survey [CS092]
 Acorn [CS093] Acorn [CS093]
 Mokane - St. Aubert [CS094] Mokane - St. Aubert [CS094]
 Thornhill [CS095] Thornhill [CS095]
 Liberty [CS096] Liberty [CS096]
 Cave/Cedar Grove [CS097] Cave/Cedar Grove [CS097]
 Hawkins (col.) [HS020] Hawkins (col.) [HS020]
 Hawkins School  [CS098] Hawkins School [CS098]
 Prospect [CS099] Prospect [CS099]
 Hall [CS100] Hall [CS100]
 Hord (col.) School  [HS024] Hord (col.) School [HS024]
 Conner [CS101] Conner [CS101]
 Gravel [CS102] Gravel [CS102]
 Holts Summit [CS103] Holts Summit [CS103]
 Pleasant Ridge [CS104] Pleasant Ridge [CS104]
 Center [CS105] Center [CS105]
 Hord [CS106] Hord [CS106]
 Moore [CS107] Moore [CS107]
 Tebbetts [CS108] Tebbetts [CS108]
 Hickory Grove [CS110] Hickory Grove [CS110]
 Lone Star  [CS111] Lone Star [CS111]
 Halifax [CS112] Halifax [CS112]
 Cedar City [CS113] Cedar City [CS113]
 Moore [CS114] Moore [CS114]
 Wainwright [CS115] Wainwright [CS115]
 Barkersville [CS116] Barkersville [CS116]
 King (historical) [HS001] King (historical) [HS001]
 Carver [HS002] Carver [HS002]
 McIntyre [HS003] McIntyre [HS003]
 Oak Grove (historical) Oak Grove (historical)
 Johnsons Chapel (col.)  [HS015] Johnsons Chapel (col.) [HS015]
 Cote sans Dessein  [HS016] Cote sans Dessein [HS016]
 Barkersville  [HS018] Barkersville [HS018]
 Tebbetts  [HS019] Tebbetts [HS019]

Historic Schools of 1915
of Callaway County

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